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"Simple, cost effective solutions, explained in plain English"

Technology and it’s associated problems keeps getting more complex. Other consultants may talk over your head or in techno-babble, but at Oak Computers, we understand you may not be a computer expert.  We explain what we are doing and why we are doing it, in plain English., so you feel comfortable that the problem you are experiencing will be resolved. We always attempt to solve the problem in the most cost effective way possible.



Home Networking  :

Tired of being stuck at a desk every time you use your computer? Imagine writing e-mails from your living-room easy chair? Or surfing the Net while relaxing in your backyard?  Break free and go wireless! We can set up a wireless network for your convenience or to avoid running cables into parts of your home. We can network computers together to share files, printers and your Internet connection.

Wireless Security :


FACT: The majority of wireless networking products are shipped from the manufacturer with NO Security features enabled!

 Installed this way, this would allow your neighbors or hackers into your network allowing them to use your internet connection or worse, access your private files, emails and credit card numbers! Every Oak Computer Wireless installation includes enabling wireless security, at no extra charge.

 Already have a wireless network? How confident are you that it’s secure? We can provide a security analysis and enable security on your existing network as well.


PC Help  :

Computer Upgrades

Computer seem sluggish? Lost that snappy feeling it had when it was new? Today’s software demands more of your PC than ever before. Before you purchase a new PC, call Oak Computers. We’ll evaluate your existing system and recommend a plan of action. Often one of the following low cost options will add the speed back into your PC:

  • Add More Memory:  Memory is cheap and will greatly improve the speed and efficiency of your computer.
  • Add a larger hard drive: Installing an additional hard drive can be tricky, it involves opening your computer and ensuring all the cables, jumpers and settings are correct. If you think your computer is running low on space and you would like to increase its speed, contact Oak Computers and we’ll do it for you.
  • Operating System Upgrades: Moving to a modern operating system (Windows XP or 2000 gives you benefits in system speed, operating efficiency, system protection and general ease of use.


Troubleshooting and Repair  :


Protect your computer and safeguard your personal and financial information by letting us install security software. These days it is so easy to get a Virus or Spyware on your computer. Either of these can prevent you from accessing the Internet, make your computer run very slowly and create constant pop-up ads which make it difficult to impossible to use your computer. We’ll root out the nasty viruses or spyware that is taking over your PC and install software that helps prevent future infections.


Software Installation and Product Selection Assistance

Looking to buy a new printer, digital camera or computer peripheral? Choosing the right product can be overwhelming. We offer recommendations for the right product for your requirements.


PC Training

We provide training for one person or large groups at your location. Both introductory and in-depth training are available for operating systems, hardware and applications.