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Your computer network is a critical piece of your business infrastructure. Don't trust just anyone to design, configure, or maintain your network.

The consultants at Oak Computer Systems has been providing network consulting services for over 12 years. When you speak to a consultant from Oak Computer Systems, you will be assured that your business objectives are the foundation of the solutions we provide. We work with a variety of businesses large and small to develop networking solutions that put emphasis on ROI.

No matter what stage you are at in your network - design, setup, deployment, ongoing maintenance, or upgrade - Oak Computer Systems can help find and implement the solution that is right for you.

Network Planning Services  :

  • Set technology goals
  • IT budgeting
  • Technology streamlining
  • Develop a phasing plan
  • Establish hardware and software requirements
  • Assess vendors


Network Implementation Services :

  • Remote Access
  • Router and switches
  • Troubleshoot routers, switches and email
  • Support web servers
  • Install and configure user services
  • Configure user workstations


Local Area Networks (LANs)  :

  • Configure user workstations
  • Segment large networks
  • Design and configure on-location routing
  • Plan for growth
  • Assess hardware and software vendors
  • Troubleshoot existing networks
  • Wireless Networking
    Wireless networking, or Wi-Fi, is the new, state of the art technology ideal for small businesses that are on the growth path and plan to move in the near future or have limitations regarding the installation of wires in an existing structure. This network can easily be moved and re-installed with no additional cabling expense.

    A wireless network also gives you the ability to move around your office while still connected to your network and the Internet. Imagine being able to take your laptop to meetings and presentations, all while still connected to the network!


Wide Area Networks (WANs)   :

  • Support connectivity to off-location sites and service providers
  • Troubleshoot existing networks
  • Review WAN design
  • Assess hardware and software vendors
  • VPN
    Would you like to work from home or while traveling? Imagine being able to securely access your company's network, including desktops, servers, and even printers, from home or a hotel room anywhere in the world over a standard Internet connection!

    VPN technology can also connect two or more offices securely and economically over any standard Internet connection, including cable and DSL.
  • VoIP