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Oak Computer Systems has been building its own systems and the systems of a variety of companies for over 20 years. Our experience is in  systems consulting, design, implementation and support. We don't just propose solutions, we implement them with knowledge and experience, and we stand behind them.

When you speak to a consultant from Oak Computer Systems, you will be assured that the best interests of your business are the foundation of the solutions we provide. We work with a variety of businesses large and small to develop system solutions that are right for them.

No matter what stage you are at with your information systems - design, setup, or deployment - Oak Computer Systems can help find and implement the solution that is right for you.

Servers  :

  • We specialize in Windows-based Servers
  • Extensive background in the design, selection and implementation of a Windows-based Servers from Windows NT to the latest Windows 2003 Server editions.
  • Our designs include options for data-protectivity including RAID drives, tape backup and offsite backup solutions. Your data is our primary concern!


Workstations :

  • Design and selection of  user workstations is also of utmost importance. Your employees count on their workstations to be reliable, fast and easy to use. We take these attributes into account when we  design or select a workstation for your company. In addition to basing our recommendations on employee input, we strive to  maintain budgetary concerns.

Are your business computer systems still running Windows 3.1/98/ME or Windows NT? Oak Computer Systems' Microsoft certified technicians can upgrade your systems to the new, more reliable, and easier to use Windows 2000 or Windows XP. Our migration service preserves all your existing data, including e-mails and Internet favorites on client systems, and user accounts and printer settings on servers.


Peripherals  :

  • We have an extensive background in selecting peripherals for your system. Printers, scanners, input devices among others can be a large expense. Selecting the right one for the job while keeping costs down can be a difficult task.  Allow us to review your requirements and offer the correct solution.